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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Manage Cloud Models - UI Real Estate

 I wish the list of projects I get when I use Manage Cloud Models (BIM 360 projects) didn't waste sooo much real estate. These big icons are a waste of space, they just mean lots of scrolling. Well if you only have a couple projects on BIM 360 maybe it's no big deal to you. But hundreds? I keep looking for a View option of "List" or "Details" ... something to shrink this bugger down.

That's my experience with Revit 2020 at the moment when a good many projects that I get to look at reside. I'll have to check out 2021 to see if it is any different.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Filter Dialog and Reading a Long Filter Name

Dialog stretchiness has been an ongoing long standing user wish for all dialogs. Daniel wrote to me hoping that I'd echo his complaint about the Filter dialog. Yes you can stretch it but the frames remain less so. The Filter name frame does add a scroll bar at the bottom when a filter name exceeds the width of the frame, which does not increase in size when the overall host dialog stretches out. Ideally we'd be able to stretch/adjust individual sections of such dialog boxes. If memory serves that is dependent upon which GUI tools are being used to generate the dialog. If that tool set doesn't do it then...we don't get it...without a custom entity.

Daniel was writing about Revit 2019. Even when you scroll over to the right completely a filter with a long name gets truncated and you can't read all of the name.

I note that in Revit 2020 a tooltip will appear that displays the full name while the frame does the same truncating even when it has been scrolled completely to the right.

Naturally, we can avoid it if we can use Filter names that are not very long, an easy fix...there's that word again - easy. Easier said than seems.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Oh Project Browser and Properties Palette Where Art Thou

It is easy to close the Project Browser and Properties Palette, just click the little X in the top right corner of each window.

It is a little less obvious how to restore them. The formal Front Door is via the View ribbon tab > Windows panel > User Interface.

A bit less obvious is the access to Browsers via the right-click context menu, for the Project Browser at least.

I'm sure you noticed that the Properties Palette can be restored via the right-click context menu too.

It is also available on the Modify ribbon tab > Properties panel > Properties.

The Properties Palette also has two keyboard shortcuts: PP and CTRL+1, at least that's true of my configuration (stock install). There isn't one assigned to the Project Browser but we could opt to do that too.

Oh, Revit MEP users can close and open their System Browser with F9 as well as access it in the same way the Project Browser can be (described above).

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wish - Transfer Project Standards Organization

Whine Mode On

This is a minor thing but there are times I really wish that the Transfer Project Standards list was sorted by Discipline instead of alphabetically. When I want to transfer just electrical settings to another file it is tedious to have to be careful to parse the whole list for related items that start with C, E, D, V and W...

Whine Mode Off

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Revit 2016 R2 - New Family Types Dialog Format

My friend Rolly sent me a screen capture of the new Family Types dialog. It's been revised to use similar buttons as some of the other dialogs, like the Filters and View Templates dialog for example.

It is slimmer now. I liked the larger buttons with words personally. I struggle (a little) with the tiny pictures (see what I did there) on these icon only buttons. At least I can rely on muscle memory to click on them after awhile. It will be helpful require less screen real estate for the interface and allow for more practical editing of those really long pesky conditional formulas...if dabble with those.

It seems I have a growing number of friends who are concerned about my lack of new blog posts :) Thanks Rolly! It's so much easier when you send me pichurs :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Big R is Puzzling me with Poor Performance

I've got a recurring issue, since about December that is. I did some extended work for a client and we set things up so I could have access to resources without actually joining their domain (adding my PC to their network formally). I've done this for years but I haven't experienced this however.

When I click on the Big R (application button), to start a new project or open something, I have to wait as long as 60 seconds sometimes before it expands to display the menu. I've been primarily using Revit MEP but occasionally Revit Architecture too. They both exhibit the same sluggishness response to using the Big R. Revit Structure 2012 doesn't seem to be suffering from this however. Also if I just click the Open icon on the Quick Access Bar there is no delay. None of the Revit 2011 versions seem to be bothered by it either but I didn't use them during the last couple months either.

Some additional clues are:
Was connected to shared resources (drives and printers) without being added to the domain
Was using a Named Network Location (not a mapped network drive)
Have since deleted journal file data
Have since removed all Places referencing these shares
Have removed the shared printers
Removed references to invalid locations in Revit.ini files (main and user)
Removed CMDKEY stored information related to past external resources
Have done registry cleaning for references to the past network locations
Have removed the most recent installed external applications
Have a certain version of Revit installed that isn't supposed to be installed side-by-side

With all that in mind, when I revisited my .ini files tonight I removed all references to recent files and the performance is back to normal for now.

Any readers also experiencing similar sluggishness? Resolved it? Lemmeno

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Press and Drag

The Autodesk blog "Inside the Factory" is asking about the Press and Drag option. Using this software for as long as I have I'm quite unhappy when the option is off. Maybe it's minor or strange, and to some irksome or even dangerous, but I'm very used to and happy to use it. So far the comments on their post seem to be running in favor of removing or "blunting" it somehow. According to one comment, I'm nuts for using or liking it.

The only time I get frustrated with it is with linked files. Revit's odd preference for "seeing" and therefore selecting linked elements over the native elements is something that ought to be fixed instead. Removing the Press and Drag feature should not come as a result of other issues.

I find it interesting that people who normally count clicks are "happy" to add more clicks for this item. I use press and drag for so many things, dimensions, text, tags, equipment, duct/pipe runs, walls, doors/windows, viewports on sheets, practically everything at some point. When things need to be precise it isn't the correct approach but so much of what we do during design and documentation can be adjusted more readily with it on.

    My vote is leave "my" Press and Drag alone.

If people don't want to use it, that's what the check box is for and it can be preset to "off" via the Revit.ini file already. Don't like it, don't use it, please don't make my choice for me.