Thursday, December 09, 2010

Revit MEP - Pipe Fittings are too Small

Whenever a pipe fitting does not display the correct proportional (connector sizes are indicating the correct diameter, just not the graphical appearance) size it is because the LookupTable file for that family isn't found (or possibly the K-Factor database is corrupt for ducts). I mention the K-Factor issue because it may also be an issue of user access permission. If the LookupTable folder location is restricted for some reason Revit might not think it can access the files it needs to adjust the fitting (long shot perhaps).
  • Check your Revit.ini file to see if Revit has the correct location defined.
  • Check that location to see if a file exists that matches the family file name(s) (they are .csv files).
Once either situation is resolved, unfortunately the fittings don't automatically fix themselves (more accurately, Revit doesn't fix them). You have to force Revit to "touch" them again by disconnecting a pipe and reconnecting or in some cases swapping it for another compatible fitting and then swapping it back. Either of these will cause Revit to re-examine the connection which in turn give it a chance to dial in the part correctly. I used this situation as an excuse to create another video or you can listen to the embedded version below.

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Yogesh said...

Thanks Steve....

In previous project we have the same issue for some of fittings.It is going to help me a lot. :) :)