Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ARCXL Revit Details - Post Xmas Present

Mark Siever with ARCXL wrote to me recently to let me know that their business model has changed in a significant way. I wrote about what they started in May 2010. He tells me that their more than 41,000 details are now free to the end user, you (assuming you work for an architecture firm).

Keep in mind that I didn't count them to verify that very big number of details. Remember I'm a ex-lighting and sound guy so at best I could count to two, check one-two...maybe three? Check one-two-three...

From their web site:
ARCxl Revit® built free details have been created by architects to assist other architects using Autodesk Revit® for Building Information Modeling (BIM). ARCxl's intent is to enhance architect profitability and the use of BIM while also changing perceptions that discourage the conversion from CAD to BIM. Our core feature is a detail library designed to efficiently dispense completed parametric architectural details ready for Revit user customizing. The details are built entirely with Autodesk Revit® and are now provided free of charge to qualifying architects and architecture firms in the U.S. and Canada. They may also be purchased as a set in a single more convenient file ready for use in your Revit® projects. The sheer volume of the detail collection ensures that additional editing is minimized. For a comprehensive explanation please watch the video demonstration. You may also try ARCxl in demonstration mode

In the past it was necessary to pay for details as you needed them, either $12.95 per detail, $9.95 per detail for orders of more than 50 details or by defining a subscription package relationship. Since their start they've found that building product manufacturers (BPM's) have been willing to underwrite their effort because doing so puts their product information in your hands and your projects. This means "free" for you and me.

There are a few requirements to get them for free, they verify the following before activating an account:
  • Firm based in the USA or Canada
  • Valid firm email address (no generic accounts like gmail,yahoo etc)
  • Valid office phone & address
They've got a few videos that help explain how it all works. Video One, Two and Three.

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