Friday, December 17, 2010

New Sites: designbymany and Revit

First Item:

David Fano of Case Design, Inc and the website/blog "designreform" has started up a new site called designbymany which is now open to a public beta.

David doesn't seem to like upper case letters or spaces between words (insert smiley). Both designreform and designbymany lack both...but I digress. Here's a bit about their mission from their site:
Welcome to the public Beta of DesignByMany!!DesignByMany is a challenge based design technology community. Users post challenges to the community along with their design source files. The community can then post responses with their own source files to solve the challenge. They can also comment on the challenge and interact with other designers throughout the process.

DesignByMany is an extension of DesignReform and is hosted and maintained by CASE. DesignByMany has partnered with Hewlett Packard as an exclusive sponsor for the first year.
HP will be sponsoring monthly challenges and providing prizes such as plotters and printers. Sponsored challenges will be judged by designers, architects, engineers, contractors and others involved in the process of making buildings.

DesignByMany is itself a work in progress and we’re trying our best to get all the features you need to create challenges and share projects. If you have any ideas or feedback PLEASE let us know by sending an email to

The current challenge is to model a parametric version of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House. Are you interested? Check out their site!

Second Item:

In light of the recent forum issues at AUGI, Klaus Munkholm decided to fire up a new forum site using the name He's a Danish Revit guy and has a blog called Revit Nightmares.

The atmosphere there feels a bit like when Chris Zoog started Zoogdesign in 2003. But then a lot of the site is reminiscent of that site, and so is what everyone came to know as the AUGI forums too, since Zoog's site was merged there in 2004. While I'm not eager to have yet another place to keep up on Revit information I do recognize the frustration and trust issues that Klaus and his new members have with AUGI. As I mentioned in a post there, I think there is room enough for another place to hang out and talk about Revit. I just hope they don't remain strangers to AUGI too. If you are a Revit person you'll want to check it out.


DaveFano said...

ThAnKs StEvE!

The logo is designbymany in text thought it's DesignByMany i think in in web urls :) and twitter handles now

iyyy69 said...

Thanks for the plug for, even if you don't see things at AUGI the way a lot of us do, you always try to be fair.

Lots of "former" AUGI Revit users are now calling it home. You're always welcome there too!

Cori said... is another website that is trying to make it as one of the top revit?BIM sites. Forum, news, tutorials, chat and Contest. The site is still in development stage but the forum is working. Check it out.