Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dept. of Echo - Revit MEP INI Solution

Erik Egbertson just posted a message at the Autodesk Blog: Inside the Factory. He discusses the new Properties Palette and the relationship that users have with it and providing initial values for content as they attempt to place and use them (families). You should read it if you use any version of Revit but it is probably most significant if you use Revit MEP.

They've provided an hack for the Revit.ini file (initialization file). Their instructions are as follows:
  • Browse to wherever you have Revit installed and open Revit.ini with your favorite text editor.
  • Search the file for the term "UserInterface".
  • If a string of "UserInterface" is found (it should be in brackets), somewhere below that (but before another bracketed term). Enter the string"ResetInstParamsPerTypeFor2011DummyInst = 1"(sans quotes) on a blank line
  • If the term "UserInterface" is not found then at the end of the file paste in the following:[UserInterface]ResetInstParamsPerTypeFor2011DummyInst = 1
It should look like this in your file:


Erik also wrote this:
I’d like everyone who can to set this and continue testing as normal to see if there are any issues. It mainly affects certain types of loadable families. The ini setting will be valid for all alpha releases as well if you are participating there.

So far the setting appears to address the issue for those who were affected by the 2011 change. To make the fix permanent we want to ensure it does not adversely affect people who were not seeing the issue and so we would like more people to enable it.



Gabe Cottam said...

no need to post this - just an FYI
your link says "Inside the System" but actually goes to "Inside the Factory"

I really should have better things to do than nit-pick.

Steve said...

No worries, thanks for letting me know. All fixed!

Curt said...

Steve, do you know if this is an issue with Revit 2012? If so, is there a "hack" available for this as well?

Steve said...

No I don't but I don't recall running into the situation with 2012. I may not have noticed it though, guess I'll have to pay a bit more attention.