Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AUGI Update

To steal from the Willy Wonka movie where the school teacher refers to the "recent unpleasantness", For AUGI, David Harrington (President Elect for AUGI) posted the following update in the current forums.
  1. AUGI’s previous web service provider (Illiac) has assured us that the historical forum data is not lost nor are its backups. The data exists in full and will be restored.
  2. Illiac has prepared a temporary forum system with the “old” forum data to go online.
  3. AUGI and Illiac are working to finalize an agreement to transfer the forum data to AUGI.
  4. Illiac has the temporary site ready to go live and AUGI is prepared to go live once the agreement is in place.
  5. Both parties expect an agreement to be reached within 24 hours.
  6. Within a few days after the agreement is in place, the temporary forum system is expected to be online and AUGI will begin developing the permanent forum site.
  7. Because of the functional limits within the EE forum software, coupled with having access to the old forum data and input from members, AUGI will be reverting back to vBulletin forum software which should be operational within one month after the agreement is in place.
  8. Based on input from members and functional limits of EE forum setup, AUGI will be reverting back to the “familiar” forum topic structure.
  9. Once the vBulletin software is configured and populated with the required forum structure, all old forum posts will be imported and merged with EE forum posts. (EE posts merged from EE to/with original Forum Posts in vBulletin format). Then the temporary site will be deactivated.
I'm glad that both parties were able to work together and make some progress!!


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Fingers crossed this actually goers ahead. Thanks for the update