Thursday, December 02, 2010

Autodesk University - Random Thoughts

Serious next vehicle thoughts... Tesla Model S.

If they get it in the price range rumored, sign me up. I didn't see a table for placing orders but I imagine they'd have a nice start if they did. This is a Auto Stitch shot of the car at the show. Clearly I'm not an automotive journalist/photographer!

Revit Rocks a blog by Daryl Gregorie and tied closely to his CADclips business. I couldn't help wonder how he'd feel about "his" buttons for the AEC Mixer? I guess it's all good?!?

The lanyard and 20th Year AUGI pin are my AUGI swag, that and the Beer Bash Pint glass (a real hit with the attendees as usual).

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Ad van der Meer said...

You can reserve your spot in the Tesla Model S waiting list. It will require a almost fully refundable $5000 down payment...

Just press Buy on the website, than Order online.