Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dept. of Echo - Railings

Erik posted two items at Inside the Factory the other day that deserve repeating just on the off chance that anyone who reads this blog isn't already reading it regularly. If it isn't on your reading list it probably ought to be. The first post discusses the various pieces and parts of a railing assembly.

He'd like some insight into what we call the various parts in the image. What one person calls a bracket is another person's wall anchor bracket...and so it goes. Add in manufacturers/fabricators and pinning down a simple/single name can be a real chore!

The second post provides some high level comments/concerns/ideas that have been shared with them over the months/years. If you have some opinions about railings and what they could/should be in Revit please take some time to share them with him. You might enjoy seeing some of your wisdom take flight in a future release.

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