Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad Update

Okay it is out and I don't have one yet. Not in a rush but still pretty sure I want one. I've seen a tweet from Phil Read that said he isn't getting much done with it because it spends more time in other people's hands checking it out than in his own. It is still tied to a source of internet access but the 3G "cell" version is looming. In light of what Phil wrote I've resisted the urge to ask someone to give up theirs to play with it and there is little hope of getting any real time with one at an Apple store.

Now YouTube videos are starting to abound. This one showed up in a link at Facebook from a friend. The sales pitch is now, "iPad - So easy your cat can use it!". Found it funny too!


tVo said...

I hope he is de-clawed!

Steve said...

Only a problem if the claws have diamond ring on them?