Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dept. of Echo - Compiled Revit 2011 SDK

If the Revit API scares or intimidates you then Guy's post tonight might help take the edge off.

For anyone who reads this and has very little, if any, software or programming background:
  • SDK stands for "software developer's kit"
  • API stands for "application programming interface"
  • "compiled" means the code is organized into a format that the computer can run and let a regular person like me use.

The examples that come with Revit are not compiled for the most part, tech speak for can't run them in Revit yet. Here's the first paragraph in his post:

I’ve had some requests for compiled assemblies of the Autodesk Revit 2011 API SDK samples. They’re useful for those of you who don’t have Visual Studio installed or don’t know how to compile them. Or if you’re wondering what’s supplied in the SDK and just what’s possible with the API. This isn’t as user friendly as it could be due to the number of commands, but here’s a download of all SDK samples . The SDK is an impressive resource now.

You can read his post and download the examples. Follow his instructions to get them up and running and check them out. They might even help get you interested in dabbling a bit with the API, though it isn't really a dabbler's environment, more a intense dabbler?

Thanks Guy!!

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