Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RAC 2011- Cannon Design and Yazdani Studio

You'll get to see a lot of this project for the next twelve months or so when you fire up Revit.

It is the Ordos Concert Hall in Ordos, Mongolia. It was designed by the Yazdani Studio in Los Angeles. From the Cannon site:

The Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design is a laboratory for exploration and excellence in architecture. Established upon the reputation and leadership of award-winning designer Mehrdad Yazdani, the Yazdani Studio integrates the best attributes of a design studio with the resources and reach of an international practice.

I took the picture above during my visit to the Autodesk office in Waltham last week. It's a 3D print of a cut-away view of the model, if it isn't obvious enough. I couldn't create a link to the description of the project the way the Yazdani Studio has their site configured so here's a screen capture of the information.

I suppose they could take exception to using the image this way but hopefully they won't mind. If they do I'll just end up pulling it. Heres a sneak peak of the new splash screen.

We should see some more images of the concert hall project during the installation, looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Just to confirm, the concert hall was designed using Revit?

Steve said...

Yes it was, using Revit 2009 actually. Asking if I can share more details.

Steve said...

Per my contact I can share these tidbits:

Revit 2009 - 6 revit files comprised of:

Curtainwall: 14mb
Facade system: 10mb
Site: 8mb
Skin: 30mb
Interior & structure: 45mb
Main composite: 18mb

8-12 team members over the course of the project.

I was not involved with the project or team at all, just happen to know someone at the firm.

Anonymous said...

Speaking to the team, it was actually modeled in Revit 2008 and then later rendered in 2009 when the new rendering packs came out. It was a collaboration between the Cannon Design Shanghai and LA offices.

Steve said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Unknown said...

I have a similar building, my question is how did you make the wall around the building?? need some advise how did you build that up??