Monday, April 19, 2010

Revit - Belated Happy Birthday

April 5, 2010 quietly passed by this month and I believe that only Jim Balding publicly wished Revit Happy Birthday (via Twitter). Yes, that day marks the day that Revit 1.0 was released into the wild, just a little over ten years ago now. The Wayback Machine has an archive of the Revit home page but a few images don't load so I grabbed a snippet of this one instead (which unfortunately references Revit 4.0).

Here's a screen capture of the founders Leonid Raiz and Irwin Jungreis.

Courtesy of Jim Balding's copy of Revit 1.0 are the next two images. My copy is in a box somewhere in the basement of our house in NY. First up is the About dialog.

Second is the User Interface with the "Easter Egg" that used the wall tool to sketch "Revit" and display a text element with the names of the developers working on Revit at the time.

Happy 10th Birthday to Revit! Many thanks to all the people that have contributed to it over the years. Especially to those who continue to persevere on its behalf! And certainly to Autodesk for keeping the dream alive and expanding on it since 2002.


Architect said...

Happy Birthday Revit. I've been a user since 7.0 - six years ago.

David Conant said...

Nine of the twenty one people on the easter egg screen are still working on Revit. Many others who were not part of the development group are still here at the factory as well.