Thursday, April 15, 2010

Off Topic - Retro iPhone Accessory

While using my iPhone as a phone, which I don't really do very much, I accidentally engage Mute or Speaker phone. My cheek apparently is a sufficient source of inspiration for either mode unfortunately. To counter this tendency I end up holding the phone at an angle near my ear which is actually uncomfortable after awhile. Maybe this new product is the solution?

It is available to us via Native Union, from their about page:


Product designers with a simple goal
To create simple, robust and chic products that are
functional both at home and in the office.

International business people
We travel all the time and we rely on our mobile phones.
We see ourselves as customers.

Great talkers
We believe in the art of conversation - the most powerful form of communication. We look to enhance this art


It reminds me (well the color does) of the phone my parents had and STILL have in their kitchen, a red wall mounted dial phone. I found this picture, it's practically the same phone they have, at Vince's Cavalcade of Phones, proving once again you can find just about anything on the internet!

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