Thursday, April 08, 2010

BIM Support Survey and Blogger Profile

I posted a notice about a BIM support survey that Jason wanted to do back on February 24, 2010. He has since wrapped up the survey and written it up in a fourteen page report. He really did a nice job putting it together and it is well worth your time to download it and check it out.

Who is Jason Grant?
Jason is the BIM Specialist at Payette in Boston, MA. His experience includes over 14 years in the architecture field, 5 years of Revit use on 62 projects at Colin Smith Architecture and 2 years managing Revit implementation, training, standards, API and content development at Payette. With his Revit experience including Healthcare, Labs, Commercial, Mixed-Use and Residential, he understands the challenges that both small and large projects face while utilizing and implementing Revit. Jason is also Co-Founder and Advisor to the Boston Revit Users Group with 200+ members, Co-Founder and Co-Leader of the BLUR Group (BIM Leaders Utilizing Revit), author for AUGI | AEC EDGE and an avid blogger on BIM and Architecture.

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