Tuesday, November 03, 2009

AUGI | AEC EDGE Fall Edition is now available!

The second edition of AUGI | AEC EDGE is now posted.

This one features articles by:

Paul Aubin, Bob Bell, Sean Burke, Erik Egbertson, Tannar Frampton, Chris Fugitt, Ted Goulet, Bruce Gow, David Harrington, Debasish Karmakar, Karen Kensek, Jonathan Landeros, Anthony Mason, Phillip Miller, John Morgan, Michael Partenheimer, Todd Shackleford, Chad Smith, Scott Womack and alphabetically last, but not least, Jay B. Zallan

We hope you'll enjoy it!


Jason Grant said...

Another great issue... Thanks Steve for all the hard work that you put into this. It definately shows a passion for excellence. Great mix of subjects and programs also. Let me buy you a beer at AU.

J Black said...

I noticed in the article by Scott Womack, he mentioned different samples that that his firm and himself have provided. Are these available to us readers?

Great issue!!!!

Steve said...

Sorry about not meeting expectations on that!!

I'm going to prepare a page at the magazine site to host the various items that are mentioned in the articles.

We are working toward having more "rich" content, as the publisher calls it, for each article or as many. The trouble is we haven't sorted out "where" that content should live so that it is easy to get to. I hope to have something in the next week or so.