Monday, November 30, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 -Day 00

Technically this post is Day 00 and 01...

We chose to drive this year when Jim Balding suggested that we car pool this year and our Aussie friend Wesley Benn arrived in LA in time to make the ride more "international". We spent the four hour drive shooting the breeze. I dozed off for a little while, a habit when I'm a passenger unfortunately.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday night around 5:30pm. We sorted out my confusing hotel situation which ended up working quite well after all. We registered and got settled in. I then ran down to visit with the AUGI board dinner meeting but couldn't stay because I needed to prep for my Virtual class taping. I wrapped up the taping just before 10pm and Wesley and I grabbed a bite to eat. What should have been an early evening became a late night gab fest, late but good fun.

Monday started out slow because of the late night but got busy as we caught up on various things and kept running into people to talk to. I made it to the blogger social hosted by Shaan Hurley and then rushed off to the AEC Mixer. It was good to run into old friends and meet some new folks too!

Wrapped up the evening with a nice late meal with a few good friends. Tomorrow AU begins in earnest with classes galore. I'll be available for Q&A at 1pm and 9pm as part of my virtual class sessions. I'm spending a lot of time as a lab assistant (5 sessions) for the rest of the week. Should be interesting.


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Anonymous said...

wish i could make it, and to think i live in vegas.. hope you have a good time and class!