Thursday, November 05, 2009

Off Topic - OpEd Video Trivia

It has been interesting for me, since I started posting some videos, to see how many times they've been watched and how they shift around in the list according to the number of views. I started posting them a little over two months ago. So far the curtain wall videos are the most viewed. The louver curtain wall example has 791 views as of tonight and the curtain wall butt glazing example is at 517 views. It's catching up pretty quickly considering I posted them about a month apart.

The Dutch stair examples "lorded" over the curtain wall examples for awhile but they are settling in at third and fourth place now with 498 and 377 views. The view range videos however are advancing pretty quick, especially considering I only posted them two days ago. Their views are: Plan views (187), Ceiling Plans (155), Site/Roof plans (124). Too soon to say how the newest one for the Top Offset posted tonight will do.

I'm anxiously awaiting the first video to get 1,000 views, hmmm what should that viewer win? How would I even know who it is? Better not open that can of worms I suppose. I'm glad they seem to be finding favor!

Another bit of trivia is the visits that this site gets. When I checked earlier Google Reader reports that this blog has 737 subscribers. Google analytics tells me that for the last couple years there has been a steady stream of between 400-500 visitors Monday thru Friday, like clockwork. It topped out at 640 last April until the past two weeks when it hit a new high of 670 at the end of October.

The last two weeks have had four days each that broke 600 visits. Visits drop to 100-200 on the weekends. I guess that means that most of the readers have lives on the weekends but some still don't know how to stop Reviting on the weekend.

The top four referring sites for the last 30 days are Google (5,800), Direct (2,800), Caddigest (619) and David Light's blog (398). Since January there have been nearly 58,000 unique visitors.



Unknown said...

Hi, glade I can be of assistance. :-)

Steve said...

I'm GladE you can be too *-)

Elisa said...

I'm sure you'll have 1000 views on a video before AU. It'll be great to hear then how many you have.

Nicholas Iyadurai said...

You rock!

Anonymous said...

The videos are top shelf!
Is there an e-mail distribution list for new video post?

Laura Wood

Steve said...

If you look on the sidebar to the right you can use the RSS feed option to get a notice about a new video posted to the site. I haven't tested it myself but it better work!!