Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dept. of Subtle - Architectural Tools

When you get to use all three versions of Revit it is only natural to see differences. Here's one example, how the floor, ceiling and roof tools are made available in each version. First up is the Revit Architecture ribbon Build panel. You can watch a short video if you prefer.

Notice the nice ascending order? Floor, then ceiling and at the top Roof. It's even logical, or at least to me it is. Next is the Revit MEP Architect Ribbon and the Build panel.

This time around they are jumbled a bit and not in ascending order. They could be but they aren't. Roof is also off to the side at the bottom and Column is where Roof ought to be (could be).

Last is the Revit Structure Architect and Site ribbon tab and the Architect panel. In this case we just have Roof because Floor is elsewhere, part of the structural set of features and ceiling is deemed unnecessary. I suppose this sort of inconsistency doesn't really affect many users but they could be more consistent?

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Unknown said...

Well, they are at least consistently inconsistent :)