Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dept. of Wishes - Make the Active Preview the Default View to Open

A post at AUGI reminded me of a little feature that Revit has and something that would make it a bit nicer still. When we Save a file or use Save As to create a new file we can use the Options button to display this dialog.

When we choose a specific view Revit will only display the chosen view as our preview when we see it in the Open dialog. It does not however force that view to be displayed when the project is opened. That is the essence of the wish, to be able to tell Revit which view to open by default instead of whichever view was open when the file was closed. I created a video to explain it a bit more in detail.


DoTheBIM said...

Would be nice if you could set both differently if you wanted. Set one view for Open default, and one for thumbnail/preview. Then you could have the project open into a fast text only view but see a nice 3d thumbnail when browsing.

Valkin said...

Steve I agree with this wish. But let me add another type of views to be open from, a sheet view. One thing I saw was that this simple view couple be used as a bulletin board of sorts for the project team, and if you start to put project information in the only way to get it to link,(type it once and avoid mistakes) is to do it with a title block, that is pulling information out of the project data.