Friday, November 13, 2009

Dept. of Wishes - Aligning Views on Sheets

This subject has been a recurring item at AUGI. I hear it very often during training with new users. I hear it from long time users too. I've posted about it here before.

I actually created a wishlist thread at AUGI about this subject on May 25, 2003, yes just over SIX years ago!! Okay, the thread wasn't at AUGI then, it was on Chris Zoog's server in his basement for his Revit user group forum at Zoogdesign. Since that site merged with AUGI (April/Mayish 2004) it's been part of the AUGI forum database.

If you are ready to put on your thinking cap you can check out the technique that JShaver shared in a thread at AUGI after reading my previous blog post. He describes a way to ensure that views are precisely aligned from one sheet to another. I'm serious'll have to really study it.

I decided after replying to the thread mentioned above to create a little video that describes one situation I wrote about. I remain optimistic, though after six years I'm still waiting.

By the way, watch for the interesting video "glitch" I observed on the grid prior to starting the video. When I turned on the Workplane Grid I changed the grid size and saw odd behavior, not all the grid lines would display until I changed the increment to 4 inches or larger. After doing some testing it turned out the Hardware Acceleration is affecting it. When I turn that off the grid works fine...driver? bug?


Peter Tranberg said...

I made a post on our Danish Revit and BIM Blog just about a month ago. Scope Box can do the trick. They control the Crop region and the grids. Try running the post trough Google Translater..


Steve said...


Scope boxes do make it easier to manage the portion of a model that is displayed in views but they do not resolve this wish.