Monday, November 23, 2009

Air Terminal Doesn't See the Grid

Revit MEP focus - There is at least one air terminal family that doesn't play nice with ceiling grids. The family is called "Supply Diffuser - Square - Hosted.rfa". The culprit is that four reference planes do not have the correct IsReference parameter value. I've posted a Video to walk through fixing this.


Erik said...

Same goes for rectilinear light fixtures.

Bill Knittle said...


I posted a solution to AEC Bytes for this same issue however, I did it for the regular "Supply Diffuser - Hosted." In that particular family, I created and locked a vertical and horizontal RP 1'-0" from the "Center Front/Back" and "Center Left/Right" RPs. I then made them the origin in EPs. This works great in a 2x grid for a terminal of any size. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting. Your fix still works! (I've just applied it using Revit 2015).
A note for non-orthogonal ceiling grids: When attempting to place first item only its center will snap to grid lines. Solution: While hovering over any grid line (or an intersection), press space bar until desired rotation is achieved. Then click to place.
FYI: Bill's link to item is broken - page no longer exists.

Steve said...

It's not possible to edit someone's comment unfortunately so I can either delete his comment or leave it...chose to leave it since he describes what he did. Thanks!