Friday, October 10, 2008

Willie Nelson is attending Autodesk University??

When I saw this image on the AUGI home page my first thought was my blog title!

I believe it is really Shaan Hurley's image but it did make me think of Willie first!

Nope, nothing to do with Revit other than there will be Revit classes at AU!

Oh by the the rest of that image! Your last chance to book your spot at AU for the early bird rate is fast approaching.

Per the comment it is Steve Jacobsen, not Shaan.


Anonymous said...

The image on the AU2008 website has a name attached. Its Steve Jacobson (whoever that is) not Shaan, though they both look a bit like willie Nelson.

Anonymous said...

I look like Willie Nelson? Do I look that old?

See you at AU, look for me playing a guitar and wearing a bandana!


Steve said...

naah not really...its just the beard!