Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey You! Smell the Roses!!

It goes something like this..."Hey Steve can you help me with something?". Naturally I can't wait to help! I eventually stop browsing AUGI and wander over to their desk and ask "What's up? Need help with that Stock pick? or trying to decide between the Vanquish or the DB9?, you only live once go for the Vanqu...oh it's a Revit problem? I see, well what's seems to be the matter?"

They say, "I'm having trouble getting "this" to work!" I ask them to run through it again. Two steps into their demonstration I see a warning message flash on the screen and before I can say, "Jumping Jack Flash" they've clicked the OK button and they've moved on to the next step.

I say, "What was that message?". They say, "What message?" I say, "The one you didn't read and then clicked OK for!". They say, "NO!??!...really??"...yeah really!!

My advice? Take a deep breath, slow down...smell the those messages and more importantly try to understand them. Even the ones that just offer a simple "?". That one just means Revit is as confused as you are, you both need a break.

Have a nice day, visit a garden!

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alleycatbabe said...

I run into this with users all the time. It's a consistent problem that drives me nuts. If it gives you a message, READ IT. :-)