Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shameless Plug - Design West Engineering - Architect's Corner

I had the pleasure of working with Design West Engineering nearly two years ago when they were getting serious about Revit MEP. They had a "can do", "will do" attitude that is essential to being successful with a challenging transition like moving to Revit MEP.

Since then...to steal a phrase my friends back in Atlanta used all the time...they've been "kickin' butt and takin' names". This is polite company (my mom reads this blog now and then, since I don't call her enough) so mentally swap out butt for another term and you've got the essence of the message. 8-)

The other day their Revit Project Manager (Joel Londenberg) shared a link (in a post at AUGI) to a document they've posted on a special page at their company web site called Architect's Corner. They've shared a number of articles that are intended to help their clients work with them as well as information they think might be useful in general. For example one is titled, "How to Swap Models".

Joel (Londenberg) and Jarrod Baumann will be presenting Revit MEP classes at AU this year. If you are attending take another look at your schedule to see if you can catch them in action. Their classes are:

ME318-2 Capturing Design Intent: Building Revit MEP Content that Assists your Engineering Tasks (Joel's class)

ME500-1 From Contract to Construction Documents with Revit MEP (Jarrod's class)


Architect said...

I was laid off yesterday. Who is looking for Revit Architecture users?

Steve said...

Email me some background and I can post an "anonymous" or otherwise "job wanted" on my Revit JOBS blog. www.revitjobs.com

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