Wednesday, October 01, 2008

STC - Can't Place a Room

STC = "Stump the Chump"

Question: User can't place a room element within the boundaries of penthouse walls. The penthouse is sitting on a Roof Level. There is a roof above and below the walls. There is a parapet level three feet above the Roof Level. The penthouse is eight feet tall and the walls are room bounding.

So what do my readers think is wrong? Something to do with View Range, Room Bounding, Phasing, Design Options?

I'll post the answer tomorrow!


Erik said...

First, I would ask for more info... :)

I know, but I'm not sure I should tell quite yet. But after playing around with it, I got it to work.

Two hints:
I was able to duplicate the problem by modeling the defaults.

I fixed it by only changing ONE.

I'll post some pictures on my blog after the quiz is over.

Gotta hand it to you Steve, this is a good one.

Anonymous said...

You need to edit the roof that the penthouse sits upon. Create a sketch that follows the interior face of the walls and finish the edit of the roof. Now you are left with an opening to below. This area needs to be filled with a floor. Once you've sketched and finished your floor you can define the space as a room.


Moose 319 said...

I'll be first to brave an answer. Think I just had very similar problem in my office. In my support case it was clearly related to Phasing.

In a Revit model with Demo and New Construction defined, someone could not add room tags to any views. The View Browser was set to "All", changing this View by "Phase" allowed Room Tags to be added for the Phase the view was created for.

Often, I get questions regarding editing errors. I have learned to always, always check Worksets first. In this case it turned out to be Phasing.

I'll await the real answer tomorrow; hoping I didn't post the "Chump" answer, but living with Revit you learn every day.

Ann Laughlin

Erik said...

So maybe I misunderstood, maybe you are going to sit on ALL the answers till tomorrow…
In that case, what I found was that the main roof seemed to be keeping the room from placing. If I raise the base offset of the walls or lower the roof it does fine. For a more in-depth investigation visit my blog. I posted some pics that explain what I found.

Erik said...

PM is DARN close. You don't need the floor though. You can just cut the hole. The level itself will bound the lower limit of the room.

Steve said...

The Revit room may not "need" the floor but "we" need it to put stuff on and to stand on! 8-)

Erik said...

True, True. :)

So what's the answer Steve? I always knew there was more than one way to skin a cat...
What did YOU come up with?

Anonymous said...

check the computation height of the level you are placing the room on, should be zero

Steve said...

Good idea to check that now but in 2008 when I wrote the post I don't recall that being a property.