Friday, October 10, 2008

STC - Spot Dimension > Spot Elevation Won't Work

"Stump the Chump...again"

Monica wants to place a Spot Elevation in a plan view. Revit just offers her the "nope you can't" symbol (circle with the line through it). What could be wrong?? Did Monica make Revit mad? She did notice when she put the cursor above an edge it started working that a clue?

Answer tomorrow AM. Post your answer in a comment. Answers/Comments, if any, will be posted in the morning too. (This is probably too easy....)


Anonymous said...

Remove the room color fill applied to the view and then place the spot elevation, it will work.


Jon Weinhold said...

Is there any way that the spot elevation can be applied to the center of a pipe in plan view in Revit MEP 2010? It will go to the top and bottom but not the center? Thanks

Steve said...

Don't believe so, there is nothing in the "center" of the pipe. The symbolic line is just that...symbolic so even using wireframe I don't think that the spot dimension tool will "see" the center.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to brilliant afaq!