Saturday, October 11, 2008

STC - Spot Elevation - Answer

As Afaq says in his comment, a color fill can interfere with placing a Spot Dimension. The other thing that can interfere is Model Graphics Style: Wireframe. A Spot Dimension can't "see" a surface if you are using Wireframe. It won't mind having a color fill or using wireframe after you place the Spot Dimension but you won't be able to place one while either condition exists.


Unknown said...

Any other possibilities I might not be able to place a spot elevation on stair landing when it is in a linked model?

Steve said...

I'd guess your landing is above the view range, annotation tools have to "see" what they are meant to identify. If it is above you'll need to apply a Plan Region or adjust the View Range "up" until the Spot Elevation tool can "see" it.