Monday, October 06, 2008

Survey Results - Revit Sweet

Thank to those of you who took time to vote in my quiet little polls! I appreciate the votes and I'll take them to Autodesk with the hope that they will consider it more seriously.

The results of the surveys I posted are: (poll was open to voting for 30 days)

Want a Revit "Sweet"? (156 votes)
115 - Want a Revit Sweet bundle/combo (73%)
24 - Want just two out of three versions (15%)
17 - Only need or want one version of Revit (10%)

Willing to pay how much? (110 votes)
1 - 15k full price basically (0%)
25 - 9.5 k (price of two versions) (22%)
13 - 7.5k (a bit less than two versions) (11%)
71 - 5K plus higher subscription rate (price of one version but willing to pay higher "freight" per month for the additional features) (64%)

Just to clarify it was my intention that this poll reflect the delivery of a "All in One" product, all Revit tools and features combined into one product, one install, one product code. Not the delivery of three separate products for a special price though nobody would object to special pricing for purchasing all three versions at a time. The ideal situation is simpler price, simpler installation, simpler product, one install...all the features.

Background: There are between 300 and 600 readers of this blog visitors per day during the week and it drops to between 100 to 200 on the weekend. I assume most are repeat visitors so this means that roughly a quarter of the readership chose to vote.

My conclusion? A majority of users would like to have Revit "Sweet" and are willing to pay more through their subscription rate to get it. I wasn't surprised by the results for wanting Revit "Sweet" but was a little surprised by the willingness to pay more for subscription as opposed to the 3 for 2 pricing approach. I suppose the assumption is that they'd pay less via subscription somehow.

I hope that Autodesk does some measuring of the market themselves and finds this approach to the delivery of Revit and its toolset to be consistent with my results! They couldn't deliver Revit "Sweet" fast enough for me and most of the clients I visit.


Grumpy Grizzly said...

So, question here. When you have Autodesk come out with this Revit Sweet, will it also have all the comparable Autocad products as well? Autocad, Autocad Architecture, and Autocad MEP as well as the new Autocad Structural Steel Detailer?

Steve said...

Aaah...If I had that power!!

Well I wasn't focusing on them but they are included with each version in some fashion now so it wouldn't stretch my imagination to see them included as well. At the very least perhaps a subscription benefit.