Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Revit 2016 - Multiline Text Follow Up

Tom kindly shared some more images and thoughts on this subtle new feature that Autodesk even forgot to mention. Tom's images do all the talking, thanks Tom!


Unknown said...

After adding multiline text parameters from 2016 to our shared parameter file, the shared parameter file is no longer compatible with previous version of Revit. Has anyone else seen this? If we remove the new parameters from the SP file, then they revert back to readable by previous versions. I guess we will have to maintain a separate shared parameters file for the multiline text parameters. I have submitted an SR to Autodesk asking if this is expected behavior.

Steve said...

Thanks Abe! I wrote another post this morning to describe this issue. Yes I agree it makes sense to manage any ML parameters we create in their own shared parameter file.

I'm certain that it affects the SP file as intended (for now) since there is no way for older code to know what this data type is...at least not without applying an Update Release to all older versions (or 2015 at least) so they can ignore such parameters in the file.

We can fix the issue by deleting the ML parameters using Notepad, just delete the lines dedicated to ML parameters and it should work in older versions of Revit again.

Unknown said...

If only multiline was also applied to the standard 'Description' parameter.
That would be awesome!