Wednesday, April 01, 2015

AutoCAD 2015 Tip - Align Tool

When you have two things you'd like to line up with one another you can use the Align tool. It's hiding on the Home ribbon tab > Modify > (Expand the drop down "arrow) > Align button (left side bottom row).

You can let it scale the selected objects too. It's an option you'll find at the command line, Yes or No, before you finish the command.

If memory serves there wasn't always a button on the User Interface for Align. It was a secret command, like a secret handshake. If you know that AutoCAD has an Align tool then you really know AutoCAD. Just like the Cycle feature...(sshh, it's a you know AutoCAD). Have to admit it is a pretty exasperating feature though.


DaveP said...

"Secret Commands"
Kind of like the Properties Filter - that drop-down list at the bottom of the Type Selector/top of the Properties Palette.
When you have several things selected, you can filter them so only one Category shows their Properties.
AND: You can get to the View Properties even with items selected.

(BTW, Love your CAPTCHA!)

Steve said...

Not "my"'s Bloggers/Google