Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Revit 2016 Trial Versions - Do Not Install the Wrong Version

A post of caution - If you are tempted to download a trial version of Revit 2016 please keep in mind that it comes in three trial flavors:
  • Revit
  • Building Design Suite (BDS) Ultimate
  • Revit LT
Let's imagine you're anxious to check out the new release and just download and install a version that you don't already have a license for with the expectation that you will just activate it for your particular license later.
If you do install a version you don't own then you'll get to REMOVE that version and INSTALL the version you really need instead.

The installation is perhaps the least of it since the download time (the installation files are large) can be significant so I'd be really sad if I downloaded BDS Ultimate thinking I could just install it and then authorize it against Premium.

NOPE... uninstall, download correct version and install. I'd be wailing and gnashing my teeth...

Don't go there, wait for your correct version to become available to you via the subscription center. Forewarned is four-armed (as I read recently)...


Anonymous said...

Nobody's got any decent links to download anything, all they got is talk.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Luke's got links on his blog. There aren't many full fledged links available yet because the product is only just becoming available. The marketing always precedes the reality a little.