Monday, April 06, 2015

Survey Point - Post 3 - Five Minutes with Shared Coordinates

I created a video that goes through the process I described in the previous two posts. It is set to a four and half minute song by Michael Lee Firkins called "The Window". If you've never heard his music I believe you owe it to yourself to check him out, very talented and unique sounding guitarist and song writer.

Survey Point
Survey Point - Post 2


Gregg said...

Excellent Steve, video has made everything clear now. Thanks for posting it.

Rob Valenti said...

Thnx for your ongoing help to us all, Steve! So glad you you still find Revit blogworthy, as you mentioned in January!

This issue has been an ongoing interest of mine, and I am now trying to list and summarize all your steps to reinforce my understanding.

Could you comment on their being three Points Of Significance, rather then two? By these I mean the Survey Point, the Project Base Point, and the Project Startup Point, also known as the Origin. (Link to another blog stating this is below.)

I have found that there are at least two entities that use the Origin as a parameter, regardless of where I move the Project Base Point or the Survey point. Those are elevations of toposurface points, and elevations of cameras used for 3D views. I am not sure how significant it is that I am experiencing this in settings where the Site and the Building are all in one file.

Steve said...

I written about the Project Base Point (PBP) in the past:

I've written about the broader subject many times and my attitude or approach to it all is spread throughout. I guess I need to revisit it all and see how well I've explained things.

Ryan Taube said...

Thanks Steve!
I was wondering if you could do a quick followup on what to do if one consultant wants the "Level 1" to read 0'-0" and another to read 100'-0".. In my case it's a design architect and an architect of record, and it seems to be causing some issues.

Ray Couzens said...

Very nice. For lesser mortals a slower speed through the exercise would make it easier to follow with more complete understanding. Yes I know you can pause it but tedious.

Steve said...

Sorry, I realized that the speed might bother some people. I opted to take less time from "you" because there is the pause button and three preceding posts that discuss the concepts in greater detail already.