Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shared Coordinates and Collaboration for Revit

I've not written anything about Collaboration for Revit (aka C4R) yet. It's a recent development that puts a project in the cloud to give a project team access to the project data regardless where they are.

When it comes to Shared Coordinates, the Publish Coordinates tool is disabled. Acquire Coordinates does work.

As I understand the issue, Publish Coordinates is the only time that Revit has to be able to write changes to a linked file. The current A360 and C4R infrastructure doesn't support allowing that to happen...yet. They do understand it is something we want and need to do.

Regardless I'd still use Acquire Coordinates on a source survey file within a Master Site file, as usual. Then I'd link any building files and position them on the site, just like I'd normally do. To cope with the loss of Publish Coordinates I'd put location markers (a unique family for example) that allow me to figure out how to link and align Master Site in each building correctly afterward.

As I just mentioned, in each Building file I'd link the Master Site model and move, rotate and elevate it as required. Then I can use Acquire Coordinates and pick Master Site. This will pull the correct Shared Coordinates into the building model. I'd repeat that for each building.

I'd do the little building position dance in Master Site even though I could probably figure out how to do the reverse (position Master Site in each Building) somehow. I'd find it a little easier to work out each building's relationship to the Master Site model this way, seeing them all together at the same time in Master Site. I think it provides for better context.

When other trades get going they just need to link the Architecture model using Auto - Origin to Origin and then use Acquire Coordinates, picking the Architecture model. It's a cascading nested understanding of the survey coordinates, using Acquire Coordinates all the way down.

SMEP-Models - AC from - A-Model - AC from - Master Site - AC from - Site Survey

When they return their files to the architect they just need to be linked using Auto - Origin to Origin too. Technically if they do use Acquire Coordinates using By Shared Coordinates would work but if they didn't Auto - Origin to Origin is long as they understand it is important that they start out using Auto - Origin to Origin themselves, when they link the architecture model.


Anonymous said...

How do you go about updating the shared coordinates if the location or elevation of a building needs to change? In non-BIM 360 projects, I move the building in the site model and re-publish the coordinates. If I try to do that in BIM 360 by re-acquiring coordinates, I get a message that says the link and the model shared the same coordinate system. The only workarounds that I've found are to reset coordinates in the building files or take all of the models off of BIM 360 and re-initiate after updating the coordinates.

Steve said...

Anonymous - Yes it requires a "Reset" to use Acquire Coordinates again based on the same file. These days I'm inclined to use Specify Coordinates at Point (SCaP) instead of Acquire Coordinates. The process is entirely manual and up to us to properly define a location that we can assign coordinates and an elevation value to. If there is any chance the survey positioning we do the first time might change then it might be worth to avoid the "reset dance". "Counting click tasks" it might not be much different...pick your poison.

Anonymous said...

Can we work origin to origin even after acuring cordinates doent work from clod baed models

Steve said...

Acquire Coordinates works with Autodesk cloud hosted models. It's Publish Coordinates that isn't allowed.

You can always work using Origin to Origin and I always recommend that Revit projects start out linking together that way and IF shared coordinates are helpful or necessary then implement that.