Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Revit Technology Conference 2015 Summary

I hope by now that, if you frequently return to this blog, you've also noticed my references to the Revit Technology Conferences (RTC) that take place each year. It started out in Australia in 2005, expanded to North America in 2011, Europe in 2013 and now Asia with an event in Singapore this year.

If you've got an unlimited or at least a comfortable budget then let me encourage you to attend all of them this year. If you can't attend then consider sending your best, your most enthusiastic, your most accomplished staff in your place.

If it's more realistic to encourage you to attend just one RTC this year, then choose from any of these unique locations and events. Each region will offer its own unique flavor of location, people and sessions (based on the submissions of users like you or those you support/employ).

I wish it were easier to decide (click the links below for each event's info):

RTC Australasia 2015 - Gold Coast, Australia - May 14-16, 2015
RTC North America 2015 - Washington DC - July 23-25, 2015
RTC Asia 2015 - Sentosa, Singapore - September 10-12, 2015
RTC Europe 2015 - Budapest, Hungary - October 29-31, 2015

There are two adjunct events that will occur just before RTC in Washington DC this year. The Design Technology Summit is an ongoing invitation only event while the Building Design Content Summit is a new event that is focused on the ever important subject of content for BIM. Please visit their sites for more information

RTC NA 2015 - Design Technology Summit - July 21-22, 2015
RTC NA 2015 - Building Content Summit - July 22,2015

As always, I hope to see old friends and make new ones at RTC events this year!

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