Thursday, August 07, 2014

Structural Column Preview does not Show

Daniel Stine shared this situation with me the other day. It may be familiar to you too?
Revit has a glitch in how it deals with the structural column preview (i.e. outline of structural member relative to the cursor) during placement. Working with Autodesk Support, the problem comes into play when the Levels are “Moved” vertically (the problem kicks in after a certain distance – not sure what the magic number is yet).
These are the steps he described that will (should) reproduce the problem using the out of the box (OOTB) structural template.
  • Open the structural template
  • Switch to elevation (or section)
  • Select the levels and move them up 100’
  • Switch to the level 1 plan view
  • Try placing a structural column
  • The preview (i.e. outline of structural member) should not be visible but it it will appear after placing the first one
Dan also mentioned:
In testing this, the problem does not occur when using the Relocate Project tool and changing the Levels to use the Elevation Base parameter setting: Survey Point. We submitted this to Autodesk and support has passed it on to development for a closer look. This is one of those little annoying things for our staff.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any update on this by Autodesk?