Friday, August 08, 2014

Fussy Type Catalog Syntax

Just a little reminder or tip. Type Catalogs (and Revit reading them) don't like it when we use commas as part of the information stored in the parameters. They also don't like lone quotation marks like this 5". I had a file tonight that just wouldn't display types beyond a certain type. The fact that the type's line had 683 characters in it didn't help me find the lone quotation. Eventually I did find it...fussy.
Want this? 5'-0" - Type: 5'-0""
Want this? Revit,BIM,Software - Type: "Revit,BIM,Software"
Remember, if you aren't sure what syntax Revit wants, just use the Export > Family Types feature. The resulting Type Catalog is what Revit wants.

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