Monday, August 11, 2014

Purge Unused Wish

I find myself wishing, every now and then, for a right click option to Purge Unused Types on individual families, something like this.

Sure, I can right click > Select All Instances to see if it is enabled.

If it is then the type is in use. When it is disabled I can just move the cursor up to Delete. Now the type is gone. That's not too bad when there are a few types. When there are many types It would be faster if I could just right click on the family and choose Purge Unsed Types.

The Purge Unsed tool works too but, in my opinion, its liability is that it is searching the entire database, then when the dialog finally opens ALL the unused types are selected. We have to be careful to UnCheck All so we don't purge types we really want to keep. If I am really just interested in a single family it's a bit overzealous. I think it would be a nice addition.


Matt Taylor said...

Personally I just delete the type and cancel the warning if the warning telling of existing instances appears.
A little faster.

troy said...

i would prefer it to be a different sytle. ie, in italic if it is not used, then you could Ctrl and click the ones you wanted to delete. Although it would depend how many extras you had!

klcb89 said...

I agree Steve, I wish the purge in Revit worked similarly to the purge command in AutoCAD - there's far too much liability