Monday, August 04, 2014

Matching Workset Naming with Linked File Worksets

I wrote about a workset tip/trick that describes how we can use consistent workset names between linked file to manage which elements should be visible/open more easily.

In the last couple release there's been a subtle issue between what we see in the Workset dialog versus Manage Worksets access through the Manage Links dialog or via right click > Manage Links (selecting a link in the Project Browser).

The technique still works as described before...almost. What is different now is how Revit responds when you open the Workset Dialog. You'll get the behavior we expect if we use the Manage Worksets button in the Manage Links dialog or right click on a linked file in the Project Browser and choose Manage Worksets.

The images below show the Open status for the same linked file according to the route used to gain access to the workset info. I've closed the workset Grids - A using Manage Links > Manage Worksets.

The Workset dialog doesn't seem to realize I did that.

The short story is we need to use Manage Links to alter the status, not the Worksets dialog...seems a bit buggy/quirky to me.


troy said...

I'm curious, does it still actually turn off in the views though? The only time I duplicate an architects name is when using filters or in views, and it works perfectly fine there (ie. in view templates).

Steve said...

Turns it off in the views if the Manage Worksets is used via the links (project browser) or Manage Links dialog. It doesn't play along in the Worksets dialog.