Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Revit Sundial and Inside the Factory

The Autodesk blog called Inside the Factory went dormant for a couple years. It takes effort to blog and apparently the time and energy was waxing then. Well a new post appeared today with an invitation to something new they are calling Revit Sundial. It's an advance view on things that might be coming (or might not) in the future.

Snipped from the blog:
To get things started, we’re providing everyone within reach of this blog the opportunity to test drive a hosted release preview of Revit called Sundial.

Autodesk Revit Sundial provides enhancements to Revit that are not currently included in the commercial release. We will be highlighting the many improvements in blog posts over the next days and weeks.

For those of you who try the release preview, please drop in here at Inside the Factory and let us know what you think. The hosting technology we’re using for the preview is itself experimental, so if you run into issues accessing the test, we’d like to know about those as well.

The quantity of available simultaneous sessions is limited, so you may run into delays if there are many people trying to access the preview at once. We'll keep the preview available for a few weeks, so please try again if you can't initially gain access.

Because this is an early in-progress release, there are no guarantees all the features you might see or read about will appear in a future release of Revit. Please keep this in mind when making any future purchasing decisions.

Worth having a read.

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Peter in Maryland said...

Whenever I click on the "Sundial" links on the Inside the Factory site, they just go to the help menu for Revit 2015. My suspicion is that this is much more of a way for autodesk to get people to try using their cloud-based software, (rather than anything significant in Revit), because there is so much resistance to their cloud offerings.

Or is that the obvious elephant in the room, and everyone already knew that?