Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Concrete Balusters and Railing

Several years ago, as part of a task I was given by a team at WATG, I created six concrete baluster families and mocked one of them up in a stair that I posted in a THREAD at AUGI. I thought I'd dig them up and post them so that others might either use them or reverse engineer how I built them.

The balusters are comprised of a Generic Model Solid Revolve derived from the profiles available from CDI. These are then nested inside a Baluster Panel Family that has a solid for the "wedge" block portion above and below. A void slices off the top of each solid to conform to a sloped stair's railing.

Download the Sample Project (3.6 mb).

Download the Balusters (1.6 mb).
Download the Generic Model Solid Revolves (1 mb).
Download the Railing Profile (122 kb).
Download the Newel Post file (83.5 KB)

P.S. As often happens with design exercises...these were never used on the project. A few more gratuitous images.


CARLOS said...

Your balusters family is very nice. However, I was wondering if you have the family for the squared columns, I tried your railing and I couldn't find any of those squared piers.

Please let me know

Steve said...

Oh, I never did share those did I? They are a separate individual family that I just place in those locations. I'll dig them up and post them too.

CARLOS said...

Thanks for sharing I really would like those squared conc. columns. This way my balustrade will be complete

Elisa said...

This is beautiful and exactly what I need. I have downloaded the posts and rail onto my computer, but I can't get them loaded into my rail properties to select them as a complete railing. Could you give a step by step on how to load them to use them like the default guardrail or stair rail?
Thank you! Really Beautiful work.

Steve said...

If you open the sample project you should be able to select a railing, copy to clipboard and paste into your project.

Then you should find the railing type is present to create another. I can put together an assembly video but I won't be able to get to it for a few days, sorry!

Joe said...

I tried this in my project and it's great but for one thing... when you render it as a railing, or stairs, etc. Then the BALUSTRADE part just shows up as painted black, no matter what I do. I tried changing it using Family Types, I tried Settings>Materials, I tried Settings>Render Appearance, nothing works. It's such a great family and I'd hate for this one tiny flaw to ruin it. I really need it in my project!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking through your posts for those squared columns. Did you post them somewhere and I missed them?

Robin Mercier Kuc said...

Thank you very much for these files. Your generosity saved me a lot of work today. ;-)

Susan Venter said...

Thanks, for the railings, i really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these files, I have used them twice already.

Arqxàbia said...

Great job. Thanks. I say the same that Robin Mercier.