Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sort Order Revisited

Earlier I wrote THIS POST about sorting nested families so they appear in a logical order when swapping them out in a project via their host family. I've since stumbled on a subtle way to maintain some sense of order. Success will vary depending on the naming conventions used naturally.

Using Insert > Load from Library - I found I can get alphabetical order behavior if I select the last family first and then select the first family after pressing SHIFT to select everything between the first pick and the second pick. If I start at the top of the list and pick the last file Revit won't honor the order.

In my case I was loading panel families from A-W. Picking last first and first last I get A-W in the pull down list. If I pick first and last I get W first followed by A-V (specifically the pull down list inside the properties of a host family that allows me to swap panels). That's probably unique to my particular situation but I found it interesting that the pick order during import affected the outcome. I'd be interested to learn if readers concur with my findings in their own content projects.

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