Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Revit MEP Pipe Elevations

This is something I posted before but it is the second most viewed video I've done so here it is again.

Ever select a pipe and find different elevation offset values at either end? The culprit is different Level association at the fittings. Check the fittings at either end or along a connected run of pipe and you'll find a mismatch. Revit is just trying to keep the elevation the same even though the fitting elevation setting varies between them. Not too hard to fix but definitely going to confuse some new users.


Peter in Maryland said...


Pipe (and duct) fittings: Have you any idea what autodesk means by the parameter "Insulation Thickness", located under the Mechanical sub heading in the properties dialog? This parameter appears to have nothing to do with insulation, but is connected to the pipe (or duct) diameter.

When I change the value, the radius of the pipe elbow changes; also, when the pipe or duct actually is insulated, this parameter remains 0". Any ideas?


Peter in Maryland

Steve said...

You may be seeing a convergence of older content and newer feature. They changed how insulation is applied but in the past it was a property of the individual components, not applied as it is now.