Monday, December 23, 2013

PSA Save the Fluffy Kitten

James Vandezande speaks out against callous violence against fluffy kittens occurring at AEC conferences world wide. Please do your part to stop this madness!

By the way, the movement to abolish the saying of "ATM Machine", whose leader Freddy Latherdon, is jealous of the ground swell of support that opponents of saying "BIM Model" are getting. They hope to get sympathy by using this image, suggesting that saying "ATM Machine" will cause the incoming soda to soak this poor girl.

Getting soaked by that soda will be awful for her but compared to harm coming to a fluffy kitten? Please...

Remember, just don't say "BIM Model", save a kitten.

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Picture from @MeredithFrost (click the image to see her tweets)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What if your world paradigm sees the acronym BIM standing for Building Information Management? Then 'BIM Model' makes perfect sense, whereas the acronym (technically an 'XTLA') does not, being BIMM or BIM/M which are both impossible to pronounce. This first because you have to pronounce it 'Bimmmmmmm' which is silly, the second requires a glottal stop which makes you sound like you are speaking Klingon.

It still leaves you in a moral quandary over 'ATM Machine' & 'PIN Number'.

XLTA stands for eXtended Three Letter Acronym, BTW.

BTW stands for By The Way, FYI

FYI stands for the screaming noise the universe makes as it tears itself asunder.