Saturday, August 24, 2013

Revit MEP Circuiting

I created a short video that describes the basic interaction between electrical devices and creating a circuit. It's really meant to help explain what happens when a device is already assigned to a circuit and we select it along with other elements that aren't circuited. The ribbon changes based on our selection and a circuited devices impairs our ability to create a circuit for the other devices that are eligible to create one.
  • A device that is not part of a circuit, when selected by itself, will cause the Power button to appear
  • A device that is part of a circuit, when selected by itself, will display the additional Electrical Circuit tab
  • Multiple devices that are both part of a circuit and not part of circuit will only display the context ribbon relevant for the devices, no circuit tab or power button
  • Selecting multiple devices that are assigned different electrical requirements will disable the Power button
When we select devices we need to be sure to glance at the ribbon for clues. Here's a video (no audio, turn on Captions).

I also wrote an earlier post about circuits if you're interested.

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