Friday, August 09, 2013

Naming a Reference Plane

I read recently that just adding a name to a reference plane would cause it to be "strong". The notion of Strong, Weak and Not a Reference are related to the IsReference parameter, which I've written about before. It's my observation that adding a name to a reference plane has no impact on it's behavior in a project. To test my belief I created a small family with a collection of reference planes with various combinations of Name and IsReference parameter values.

The reference plane on the far right is set to Not a Reference and has the Name No 3. Its the only one that is invisible in the project environment. The two on the far left have IsReference values (Weak and Strong) but have no Name either, they still are detectable in the project. I sketched dashed lines from the detectable ends of the reference planes. The dashed line on the far right is sketched where the reference plane should be but I couldn't snap to the end because it isn't detectable there. I also added a dimension string across each detectable reference plane.

I think my beliefs are intact, just adding a name to a reference plane does not alter its IsReference conduct in a project. When we create a new reference plane Revit assigns Weak Reference to its IsReference parameter. If we copy a reference plane, those that Revit lets us copy, it also assign Weak Reference to the copy.

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Tannar said...

Very descriptive, thank you Steve!! Clears up a lot for us newbies.