Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hiding Columns in Schedules

We can hide a column if necessary. Hopefully that's not a surprise. Each field in a schedule has a parameter called Hidden Field, available when we are looking at the Formatting tab in the Schedule Properties dialog.

We can also right click on a column while editing a schedule, in a schedule view, and choose Hide Column.

We can use right click to Unhide All Columns but it will reset them all, as the name implies.

If we use this on more than one column and only want to restore one of several we need to return to the schedule properties dialog and the formatting tab to uncheck the Hidden Field parameter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Is there any way to hide schedule from schedule list?

Thank you,

Steve said...

If by schedule list you mean in the Project Browser, then no. With 2014 it does become easier to sort the list of schedules by using naming conventions.

We can use the new Clear Cell tool to break the relationship between the schedule name in the project browser and the schedule header. I wrote a post about this new feature last year.