Thursday, August 15, 2013

Double Clicking Tags

In Revit 2013 we found a new feature to be quite annoying, double clicking on a room tag would put us in the family editor. That is particularly bewildering to new users. Usually we were more interested in typing in a room name or number. With 2014 we received new options to define how Revit should respond to double clicking on a family.

At the Central States Revit Workshop this morning, Brian Cowles with IMAGINIT mentioned a subtle change that is easily missed. If you leave the setting "Edit Family" as your preference it is almost the same as 2013 except that where you put your cursor is important before double clicking. If you double click on an editable label in the tag it will place you in edit mode for the parameter. If the Move symbol icon is displayed when you double click you'll edit the family. This means you can take advantage of double clicking AND avoid the downside.

Love subtle stuff!

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