Friday, August 16, 2013

Dropping Files

My son is into "Dub Step" and he tells me "the drop" has special meaning but this post is about dragging and dropping files into Revit. You may be aware that, like other Windows applications and files, you can drag and drop a file from Windows Explorer into Revit and Revit will open the file.

As you have probably noticed I like subtle stuff. Brian Mackey mentioned in his adaptive point session at Central States Revit Workshop yesterday that where we drop the file affects how Revit will respond. If we drop a file on the ribbon Revit will open the file. If you drop the file into the canvas or drawing area, and a project or family is already open, it will likely load the family into the other open file instead. If you really want to open the file just be careful where you drop the file.

In Dub Step terms, "Where's the Drop dude?"

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