Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Cheeky Devil - Support Requests

When Revit crashes it will often generate a dialog prompting you to provide some information about what might have caused the crash and a way to contact you if they need to. In the past I wrote about a cheeky response I used once about the computer I was using not having enough memory. In that post I encouraged Autodesk to put enough RAM into their software so I don't have to worry about it.

I was working with Camtasia the other night and I thought of this cheeky support request.

    Dear Autodesk,

    I recently purchased a high quality microphone to use with my computer. Now when I open Revit it doesn't acknowledge this microphone at all even though other programs do. Camtasia works great with it. I've checked all the settings I can find but nothing seems to resolve the problem.

    Here's the thing, I spent a lot of money for this microphone. I should be able to talk to Revit and tell it what I want it do instead of having to use this silly mouse all the time. If Revit isn't going to recognize it and do what I say then I think you should refund the money I spent on this microphone. The microphone works fine so it isn't fair to return it to the manufacturer.

    It's just your software that isn't working properly!!

    Is there a service pack, hotfix or patch I can download? If not, please let me know how soon I can expect this to be fixed, thank you!!


Nick said...

I remember leaving a comment about how my computer was very tired and not quite ready to start the day.. Revit seemed to be too much for it this early in the morning, so I requested an energy drink add-in to help my computer get past this issue.

I bet they enjoy seeing these type of responses.. makes their day (unless they think you are serious of course).

Otto Desk said...

Dear Sir,

We are aware of the problem, and have our best people working on it.

Your Friend,

Otto Desk.

NKramer said...

For those who haven't discovered the joy and stress relief of Architexts comics here is another cheeky devil...