Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Apology to Mr. Baldacchino

I've made references to David Baldacchino's blog many times in my own posts here. In a casual conversation (at a very late hour) during the last evening at RTC in Vancouver David mentioned to me that I routinely misspell his name. Shock, shudder, dismay!!! Say it isn't so!

    I did some research. I found out David is spelling his name wrong, I'm off the hook.

Okay no not really. I found five posts that mispelled his name Baldachinno (two n's) instead of the correct way Baldacchino. There are a total of twenty posts that refer to him or his blog. So I was wrong about 1/4 of the times I mentioned him. Not good, not terrible...still wrong.

Hey David! I fixed them all!! Well I feel better now!

Sorry David, I'll do better from now on! From now on I'm just going to call you Mr. Do U. Wevit :)


Unknown said...

Good one Steve. I had a similar conversation with Dave on the last night of RTCNA where Dave was going to Apologize to me. So far nothing yet ;) Come on Dave, take Steve lead lol.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Lol! You really didn't have to Steve, you helped me with driving traffic to my blog, that's more than enough :) This whole Google Reader going away thing has killed my reading efficiency and I'm a week late in commenting, shame, shame! Hopefully I'll catch up soon, thanks to my RTCNA ipad mini, Feedly, Newsify and Delicious (to help me catalog gems such as this post). Anyway, apologies accepted Mr. Stafford!

Phillip, you and I will have a chat somewhere else ;)